The government says organizers may cancel a Coldplay concert in Malaysia if the band misbehaves

Organizers of a Coldplay concert on Wednesday could call off the show if the British rock band misbehaves, a Malaysian minister said.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Organizers of a Coldplay concert in Malaysia on Wednesday may cancel the show if the British rock band misbehaves, a minister said, as the government rejected calls from Muslim conservatives to cancel the show.

Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil said there would be no problems with Coldplay’s first concert in Malaysia later that night. Security has been beefed up for the event, which is expected to draw around 75,000 people at the stadium outside Kuala Lumpur.

„Yes, this is one of the things we discussed with the organizer,” Fahmi said, when asked if a 'kill switch’ would be used to cut off the power supply.

“The Prime Minister has also said that the band is very pro-Palestine. So, we are excited about the concert today,” he added.

Malaysia recently introduced the kill switch system after the controversy surrounding British band The 1975 in Kuala Lumpur in July. The band’s lead singer insulted the country’s anti-gay laws and kissed a male band member during their performance, sparking a backlash among Muslims and prompting the government to curtail the three-day music festival.

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Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim justified allowing the Coldplay concert, telling parliament on Tuesday that „Coldplay is among the bands that really support Palestine”. He noted that the previous administration, before he assumed power in November 2022, had approved the concert. Palestinian support groups also approached his office in support of the Coldplay concert.

The opposition Islamist party PAS slammed Anwar’s stance. While Coldplay supports the Palestinian cause, it promotes hedonism, said its head of information, Ahmad Fathli Shari.

Officials from concert organizer Live Nation Malaysia could not immediately be reached for comment. It issued a statement to concertgoers a few days ago, reminding them to „be mindful of local cultures and sensitivities” and avoid displaying props or objects that might make others uncomfortable.

Police have warned the public to avoid any provocation and unrest at the concert, which is part of Coldplay’s Music of the Spears World Tour.

Coldplay also faced protests from Muslims when they performed in Indonesia earlier this month. Protesters held rallies leading up to the day of its concert, slandering the band as LGBTQ+ „propagandists” whose stance would damage „faith and morals”.

Coldplay is renowned for integrating its values ​​with its performances, such as the band’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Lead singer Chris Martin has been known to wear rainbow colors and wave gay pride flags during performances.

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