The former champion has three conditions to return to WWE, including rehiring the released star

WWE released several talents in 2020 due to budget cuts, including former United States Champion Zack Ryder, Matt Cardona, who recently revealed three conditions he must meet in order to return to the company.

Cardona officially signed with the Stamford-based company in 2006. He was an active competitor on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown for nearly 14 years, during which he won the United States Championship, Intercontinental Title, and Tag Team Championship. However, he was released from his contract in April 2020 due to budget cuts.

Since his departure, Cardona has thrived on the independent circuit. He currently holds several titles and refers to himself as an „indie god”. Meanwhile, she recently linked herself with former NXT star Steph De Lander (Persia Pirotta) in April 2022.

In a recent interview Barstool raslin’Cardona explained what convinced him to return to the Stamford-based company.

„[When are you redebuting with WWE?] Two C’s must be correct. Money and creativity. [Is there an amount of cash that can make the creative not matter as much?] Not for me. Not for me. she [De Lander] I want to come along,” he said. [From 04:46 to 05:02]

WWE reportedly fired Matt Cardona after he refused to sign a 5-year contract with a higher salary. Check out the story here.

Matt Cardona did not sign with AEW after his WWE release

After being released from the Stamford-based company, Matt Cardona made a few appearances in AEW. However, the 38-year-old has yet to sign an official contract for the promotion.

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In a recent interview with Good Journeys, Cardona said not signing with AEW was a „blessing in disguise.”

„Looking back, a blessing in disguise. Thank God I didn’t sign there because I’ll never or maybe become a deathmatch king, which means I’ll probably never become an indie god, which means I’ll probably sit. Like Dark or Elevation, I’ve said this before, no offense to those guys. No, that’s fine. I don’t want that. I did that in WWE, and you know, I don’t want to be another guy on the roster,” he said.

“I want to prove that you don’t need AEW or WWE to be a successful pro wrestler.

If one of those companies calls me, of course, I will listen. Sure, I’ll have a conversation. But going back is not that”.

– Matt Cardona
(via My Moms Foundation)

Matt Cardona may be returning to WWE after three years of targeting the 37-year-old superstar. Check out his comments here.

Please credit Barstool Rasslin’ and H/T to Sportskeeda if using the transcription above.

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