The FIA ​​listens to Audi and gives the Sines car more power for the Dakar 2024

FIn al Conflict between FIA and Audi. A few weeks ago though Change in technical regulations With the W2RC World Championship of Cross-Country Rallies New EoT (Technical Equivalency) is now, in its official release, and can say when Audi will be next in Dakar… and what it contains More power in their RS Q E-tron E2.

It was him Agreement reached by federation and manufacturers What will it be for? New technology system In prototypes Dakar Premier Category: T1+.

Sven Quant has achieved what he wanted in Dakar 2024.

32 CV is more for Audi

Major change affects The maximum power that hybrid drives can deliver Class cars T1U (Alternatively powered, as in Audi). now, Carlos SainzStefan Peterhansel and Matthias Ekström will be there 286 kW (389 CV) top.

About 20 kW (27 CV) mass than the FIA ​​gave him after the EoT review in the first stages of the last Dakar 23 kW (32 CV) mass than those who started the 2023 edition. This, in theory, proves Audi rightIts hybrid prototypes were considered to have a performance disadvantage compared to the traditional T1+, read Toyota Y BRXAnd it shows too His strategy of lobbying the FIA ​​worked.

Additionally, there is electricity More maneuvers that theoretically favor Audi. He Minimum weight for T1+ Combustion increases slightly, 2,000 to 2,010 kg 2,040 to 2,050 for petrol and 2,050 for diesel… despite the fact that these cars don’t increase performance.

Audi will run at least the Baja Aragon and Morocco Rally before the Dakar.

Audi’s curb weight remains at 2,100 kgThe number they already achieved last year and that It is impossible to improve it And in terms of growth, that means more BudgetSince last year, the Dakar project has been very limited and work has started on it Audi returns to Formula 1

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All changes will be entered Effective January 1, 2024So they don’t affect the rest of the tests Global W2RC. Will be in Audi Morocco rallyIt remains to be seen whether they compete with the 2023 regulations or configure their cars with new features, even at the cost of not competing for victory, as they did last year.

Before that, German cars will participate in Baja AragónScore test for FIA World Crash ChampionshipAt the end of next July, what will be Back to the rivalry between Carlos Sainz and Stefan Peterhansel After his serious crashes in the last Dakar.

Swing, not run

As MARCA reported in early April, the German brand thought it was Competing in inferior conditions Techniques compared to other opponents and I was seriously considering not participating in the next Dakar If an agreement satisfactory to their interests is not reached.

Sainz will gain more power in his next attack on the Dakar.

This is New Technology RegulationLogically, it already has the green light for the German manufacturer’s wish Third round (and who knows if the last) victory at Tucker. In fact, when the deal was done, they did it First tests of the year in Saudi Arabia A few weeks ago.

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