The Faculty of Food will begin offering a Diploma in Brewing Technology

The proposal aims to respond to the need for human resource training in the beer value chain through a flexible educational offering. It is virtual and lasts a total of eleven months.

The Diploma in Brewing Technology is designed for young people and adults who cannot travel to pursue tertiary or university studies; As well as improving the efficiency and competitiveness of entrants and their ventures.

In this framework, the Faculty of Food Sciences from the National University of Entre Ríos has launched this initiative, which will begin teaching in the last week of July 2024.

It will be virtual and based on an eleven-month study period, which implies a total of 198 hours distributed over eight modules, 5 synchronous classes.

It should be noted that this is a fee-based operation, with a registration cost of 20 thousand pesos for residents of Argentina. Meanwhile, 25 thousand pesos should be paid monthly; A cost subject to change by teaching partners.

Among the requirements for obtaining this diploma, at least 80% attendance is marked in the concurrent meetings of each module; Completion and approval of 80% of activities of each module; Approval of 100% blocks and payment of full registration fee and 11 scheduled fees.

In this framework, those interested in getting more information or pre-registration should enter

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