’The Era’s Tour’ has been confirmed for release in China

The film „Taylor Swift: The Era’s Tour” has completed several rounds of approvals and will be released in Chinese theaters on December 31.

announced, foretold Variety Earlier this month, it was made at 1.13pm (or 13.13) on a Friday in China, which represents Swift’s birth date and lucky number.

That date comes two months after the concert film’s China worldwide release, and some two weeks after its online release in several international territories.

December’s Christmas and the Calendar New Year period are typically peak movie-going seasons in China, with some major movies being released in the early weeks of January. And many Hollywood films have struggled to connect with Chinese audiences this year.

But those negatives are unlikely to be a drawback in a market where Swift has millions of die-hard fans. The film will also be hailed as an event film that will benefit from dynamic pricing practices and play in several premium large format theaters in the country. IMAX has about 1,000 screens in China.

The film, which has grossed $250 million worldwide since October 13, had to be reviewed by Chinese authorities. Separate bodies must approve the importation of foreign films and all film content intended for public release.

Generally, all film imports must be handled by a state-owned company. But China has begun experimenting with a new level of flexibility that will allow exhibitors and distributors to assume the role of importer and be credited as a designated distributor. The system was recently used for the Dec. 22 re-release of „La La Land.”

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It’s not officially confirmed that the new system will be used for „The Eras Tour,” but the film’s non-studio look and its unusual event-film status make it a good candidate.

However, it was announced that Alibaba Pictures had bought the rights to the concert film through Trafalgar Releasing. It will release the film in association with state-owned distributor China Film Group.

„Taylor Swift: The Era’s Tour” Chinese poster
Alibaba Pictures

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