The digital economy is at the forefront of Qatar’s national development plans

Digital technologies have changed society at an unprecedented rate over the past two decades. They have changed the way we live, work, play, travel and communicate. Today, digital technology has the potential to bring about widespread social change and economic progress.

The emergence of a digital-first world Countries must prepare for a digital-first economy. Leading economies are developing digital plans and policies, investing in key digital technology sectors and ICT infrastructure to regenerate and realize new expanded GDP.

The Qatari government is already leading the way in terms of the “Future Digital” direction, prioritizing digitization as a cornerstone of national development. Qatar has all the ingredients to become a world-renowned leader in technology and innovation. Qatar National Vision 2030, a roadmap for economic and social development.

ICT has helped Qatar register one of the highest GDP per capita figures in the world. Through open and close collaboration between the private and public sectors, Qatar’s digital economy will be more inclusive, more competitive, more convenient and well positioned for continued growth. Thanks to the Qatar 2030 National Vision, which emphasizes digital transformation as a key pillar for growth. Positive results have already been achieved in various industries such as energy sector, telecommunication, education and healthcare.

A strong commitment to ICT infrastructure development in the past has helped lead Qatar into the digital era. Major projects and achievements include National Fixed Broadband (FBB) of 99% National Penetration, 96% Nationwide Coverage, World’s Fastest Network, Building Local Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure and more.

Huawei is committed to continue playing an active role in supporting Qatar’s advanced ICT infrastructure through leadership in FBB and 5G technologies through long-term partnership relationships with local telecom service providers and government agencies.

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Huawei is working with Qatari telecom operators and other companies to add new dimensions to Qatar’s ICT development through 5.5G network evolution and technological innovation, maintaining the capabilities of Qatar’s leading networks and enhancing its global position and influence in the telecommunications industry.

Huawei is dedicated to using advanced technologies such as data mining analytics and AI to help local partners realize their digital transformation. Through digital platforms and tools, we fully collaborate with telecom operators in MBB, FBB and service digitization to truly improve efficiency, experience and revenue.

In line with Qatar National Vision 2030, Huawei is keen to actively collaborate with all environmental partners to take Qatar’s digital transformation to new milestones. As AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a key pillar for the new world, the creation of a National Artificial Intelligence Center will create a new model for industrial development, with inclusive computing power, and promote the implementation of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy. New national business card of scientific research, industry integration, industry-university-research collaboration, industry applications, talent development and AI. To achieve this important goal, we need to have the right policies and funds in place to ensure that all relevant players are in place to contribute to this goal.

As digital transformation accelerates, new cybersecurity challenges emerge. We must continue to improve cybersecurity to protect the growth of the digital economy, which presents both challenges and opportunities. That means building digital trust and making critical infrastructure more secure and more resilient.

A true demonstration of this capability was during the Qatar FIFA World Cup, where through our World Cup Network Assurance Program, Huawei worked with its partners to achieve the best operational standards and ensure the security of network infrastructure during the global event.

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Looking to the future, Huawei Qatar’s strategy is fully aligned with the 2030 vision, focusing on supporting Qatar in connectivity by developing leadership in MBB, where we work with our partners to develop plans to deploy 5.5G technology, enable 10Gbps speeds, massive IoT and more, paving the way for the next generation. , 6G.

In the FBB domain, we are advancing fiber technologies through the F5.5 evolution. To accelerate cloud adoption in Qatar, Huawei developed a comprehensive cloud offering to support large enterprises and SMEs in Qatar to embrace digital transformation, migrate to cloud-native applications, accelerate investment in AI technology, and deliver applications and applications. Qatar market to increase productivity, reduce labor skills gap and achieve full automation.

A sustainable digital economy will require more than connectivity. Green ICT solutions should also be prioritized. Huawei can help Qatar reduce carbon emissions through intelligence and smart operation.

A sustainable digital economy demands a large pool of local talent that is proficient in the latest technologies and can quickly adapt to new developments. Governments and businesses must continue to invest in training and education programs to ensure workers have the skills they need to succeed in the digital economy.

Huawei is highly committed to supporting one of Qatar’s key priorities, developing ICT local talent and creating an ICT talent pool environment. This is critical to developing all graduates ready for the dynamic digital lead workforce. Huawei will continue to contribute to the advancement of the country’s ICT capabilities with flagship initiatives and programs such as the ICT Competition, Seeds for the Future and the Huawei ICT Academy.

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Together with our partners in Qatar, we are working together to foster an ecosystem conducive to healthy and integrated cross-cutting growth, drive the digital economy forward, accelerate digital transformation and accelerate the advent of an intelligent world.

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