The Board will use robotic technology for public procurement

The Ministry of Economy and Finance has awarded the contract for the hyper-automation of electronic public procurement, using robotic technology, for 1,046,043 euros, to European funds financed by the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Programme.

The Junta de Castilla y León is a pioneer in Spain’s public sector by completing the first phase of the intelligent automation project in September 2023, enabling the fully automated processing of more than 300 contracts for electricity and postal services. These automated processes are executed with full legal certainty, transparency and without the possibility of error.

Intelligent automation represents a major improvement in the electronic relations between the administration of Castilla y León and its bidders and contractors, improving the efficiency and security of administrative contracting processes, reducing effort, management errors, variability in processing and deadlines.

In practice, once bidders and contractors submit a request in the electronic registry, the system immediately verifies that within seconds, it is capable of automatically attaching it to their digital file and informing them of a deadline for resolving their request. and the legal consequences of failure to settle within that time.

The second phase, which will begin now and end in June 2026, will involve the implementation of robotic technology in contract processes, which will allow routine or ancillary tasks to be carried out completely autonomously, facilitating greater integration between procedures implemented in e-governance. Contracting platform of the Junta de Castilla y Leon -Duero- and public sector contracting platform under the Ministry of Finance.

With this advancement, the public servants responsible for contracting the works, goods and services required by the administration of Castilla y León will have at their disposal more modern and efficient technology, which will lead to an overall improvement in administrative efficiency.

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This investment in the robotization of tasks represents an innovative technological challenge and constitutes the second phase in the implementation of the intelligent automation plan for contract processes approved by the Council of Government in September 2022.

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