The Berlin Film Festival hosts a selection of actors for the shooting stars

The 10 young European actors selected for the Shooting Stars program run by European Film Promotion were held at a gala event on Monday at the Berlin Film Festival.

A presentation of the shooting stars preceded the screening of competition star Claire Burger's “Long Stronger”.

German actor Corinna Horfuchs, who starred in the competition entry „Dying” directed by Matthias Klausner, welcomed them on stage at the Berlinale Palast.

Hosted by Jenny Augusta, the festival is the festive highlight and closing event of the four-day program where talented young actors meet with casting directors and are presented to the international press.

Thibaut Dooms from Belgium, Margarita Stoykova from Bulgaria, Suzy Pemba from France, Salome Temuria from Georgia, Katharina Stark from Germany, Anna Hardwick from Ireland, Valentina Belle from Italy, Diugas Krinis from Italy, Lituaniska, Lituaniskas from Italy are shooting stars. Gamma August from Sweden.

The project is made possible by the support of Creative Europe – Media Program of the European Union, German Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media, Berlin Film Festival, Medianbord Berlin-Brandenburg and Spotlight.

It also relies on the support of national film promotion agencies and film centers from the shooting stars' home countries, which are member organizations of the EFP.

This year they include German Films, the Bulgarian National Film Centre, Cinecittà in Italy, Flanders Image, the Georgian National Film Centre, the Lithuanian Film Centre, the Polish Film Institute, Unibruns, Screen Ireland and the Swedish Film Institute.

The project's industry partner is the International Actors Guild.

Major media partner of Shooting Stars Variety.

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