The „B side” of the technology was showcased at Mobile World Congress

Atmosphere on the first day of Mobile World Congress (MWC).Europa Press

Barcelona has become a center of technology Mobile World Congress, although it has been held for nine years Mobile Community CongressCongress provides an alternative A critical overview of device consumption Electronics and Information Technologies.

Conscious telecommuting has a role to play in this space We link, It expresses “a The Inconvenient Truth” about the profession The mobile phone is „in a constant search for innovation” and has „an enormous negative impact on society and the environment”.

“We want to be a vocal voice Responsible consumption Technology and practical consumption More ethical telecommunications„explains Mercè Botella, founding partner of Somos Conexión, a non-profit telecommunications cooperative founded in 2015 as a consumer alternative to mobile, landline and Internet telephony services.

Golden Extraction

The Mobile Community Congress will hold its ninth edition this Monday resistance performance Before the entrance of the MWC, about the effects of mineral extraction for technology on the environment and human rights.

„Obtained by Colton Extraction in mines, And the people working in these mines are in conditions of exploitation and in many cases child labour,” they explain from Somos Connection.

„Undoubtedly, the truth is that we exist Decreasing reserves „These antiquities make things that last for a few months or a few years, but in addition, doing so takes many lives,” they say from the cooperative.

Somos Conexión points to the „disastrous consequences” of many companies attending the biggest tech fair. „Companies that pride themselves on their innovation while deliberately ignoring it Negative impact They create in our society and environment.

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Resistance action

At this Monday's demonstration, a group of activists simulated the dining room of an apartment used by three members of a family. electronic components, such as television, mobile phone and computer; and where they approached Seven minersThey then read a statement in Catalan to the extent that ten passives were completed due to the extraction process.

The Mobile Social Congress opens with a mineral extraction activity for technologyEuropa Press

Setem Catalunya Claudia Bosch, social organization technician, said, „The European law on basic raw materials wants to guarantee the supply of these raw materials to Europe, but there are not enough measures to guarantee basic rights. Consistency„.

He also predicts that the demand for these products will increase manifold in the coming years Digitization policies, Their extraction will also be in Europe: „We have mining cases in Spain that are being approved.”

„A lot is being bet on increasing extraction without seeing how much impact it has,” he cautioned. High pollutant activity, It has warned that the law is being made too flexible in this area and advocated strengthening the circular economy.

Mobile Social Congress 2024 takes place this Monday through Saturday — MWC 2024, Monday through Thursday — and includes roundtables, conferences and family games. A week where all eyes will be on the Catalan capital, where they will celebrate “The „The B Side of Technology”.

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