The Alhambra, a climate haven with „natural air conditioning”.

Various elements keep the environment fresh in the monument complexNIUS

Summer in Andalusia It’s suffocating, especially in regional interior areas. But apart from some places, there are Coastal areas with beaches to cool off, hot these days It is very soft.

It is one of the most relevant and visited monument complexes in the autonomous community: The Alhambra of Granada. Its architecture surprises technologists because it allows it to be complete Climate shelter.

Los High temperature When entering the different parts of the old palaces (between 25 and 29) the visitors do not notice what is experienced in the city (which reaches 40 degrees). Antonio PerelThe conservative architect of the Alhambra explains why.

Inside Children’s tower „From that Nasrid architecture we see a good example of what they were already looking for Comfort and pleasant temperature In these hot times.

A section of the Alhambra in Granada called the „Lamps”.NIUS

One that is also observed in other parts of the Granada group, with called „lamps”.. „They’re roofs with windows at the top of them that come out of the roof. Available Hot air Round, climb and Go out” is how he describes us.

Thanks to this process, the building’s living space is kept cool: „It’s like a Natural air conditioning”. In addition, all plants that decorate the built environment help to „create shadows”, especially large trees. „It’s essential,” says Perel.

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„Extremely Broad Walls” and Muqarnas

It also emphasizes the importance of Water availability„It renews the atmosphere, Brings the Alhambra to life, silence and its rumor is a sobering element”. It is found in fountains and ponds in gardens, but also in some rooms of palaces such as Lyon.

These natural factors are added to “the wall thickness” Raised. „Hey Very broad And with its wall construction system, the interior temperature is so well preserved that it takes longer to warm up,” he argues.

It states that they can measure between 1.20 and 2.50 meters. In the specific architectural design of the memorial complex, the Mukarnas. „They are geometric figures joined together that form a similar dome Cave stalactites”, compare them as they have the same function when creating hot and cold air exchanges.

„Small gaps” in windows and other influencing factors

On the other hand, the Windows form It also helps prevent the buildings of the Alhambra from overheating inside: “There is Small spaces This makes the heat less intense.

Orientation Many rooms „North” Another trick is to keep them „warm” in the summer. A feature taken into consideration by the designers of the Nasrid building.

Pool and tower in the background at the Alhambra in GranadaNIUS

Other factors affecting whether it is a climatic refuge include “usage Wood on roofs”, the height of the monument complex or reserve Inner courtyard.

All these elements were united in a „proper and orderly way.” They upgraded the air conditioning. Perel admits that “they knew about it” and, in short, “they used it.Your technology” used for construction in XIII-XIV centuries.

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