Thaksin in Chiang Mai again

Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra visited Chiang Mai province yesterday for the second time since being released on parole in February.

Convicted former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra will meet him in Chiang Mai tomorrow and offer an opportunity to those who wish to offer his blessings.

Thaksin, who was serving time in a corruption case, was released on parole and traveled to his hometown of Chiang Mai by private plane yesterday.

Tomorrow's event will be held at his younger sister Yavaret Shinawatra's residence.

This is his second visit to the province since he was granted parole on February 19. The Department of Corrections approved his release, finding that he met parole criteria specifically related to old age and serious illness.

Thaksin left the Police General Hospital, where he stayed for six months, appearing at an event in a wheelchair, wearing a neck support and arm brace.

However, yesterday, he looked fine and happily greeted people without any discomfort.

After arriving in Chiang Mai, he and his close relatives had lunch at Keet-ocha, a Hainanese chicken rice restaurant.

Later, she celebrated Songkran Day at her residence with her family and senior members of the Pyu Thai Party.

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