Tesla asked to begin construction of a Mexican factory

Tesla CEO Elon Musk isn't „full tilt” on Tesla's Mexico plans. Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

asked new Lion Governor Samuel Garcia Tesla Inc. Construction of its planned factory in the Mexican state will begin soon, according to national newspaper El Financiero.

„I asked Tesla to come in March to announce the laying of the first stone, and they didn't tell me no. In Santa Catarina, Tesla plans to build its factory,” Garcia said Saturday at the inauguration of a recreation project in the La Huasteca Ecopark area.

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„Very soon, within a month, I believe the company will come,” he said.

Construction of Tesla's planned Nuevo Leon factory to build its cheaper next-generation vehicles has been delayed by Elon Musk's pessimism about the global economy. Other issues including permitting delays and lack of infrastructure also affected the process.

Tesla plans to build affordable next-generation electric vehicle at Gigafactory $153 million In local government incentives. Musk last year called for improvements to power, water and transportation in the region before Nuevo León could begin construction.

Musk said He was not ready to go „full tilt” on the facility in October due to high interest rates. He also said Tesla will produce its next-generation entry-level vehicle at its Texas factory before its Mexican facility because the new plant may not be ready in time.

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