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In honor of Parent Appreciation Day, we sent terriers a special note to show how much they appreciate what their parents do for them.

To: Mom & Dad

„My parents have always encouraged me to do what I love and to never take life for granted. They are my biggest supporters and so am I!”

Posted by: Sofia Hatzik (COM’25)

This is a photo of Paul Hein, parent of a Boston University student.  The photo shows his mother and father leaning on each other and smiling.  The father is looking into the distance with a wide smile on his face.  He wears round glasses and has brown hair.  He is wearing a gray shirt.  Mom is leaning on Dad, smiling at the camera.  She has brown hair, brown eyes and wears a baby blue top.  They are in a room with white walls.

To: Mom & Dad

“To my mom and pops, I appreciate you more than you know. I owe you my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. Love you so much.”

Posted by: Paul Hein (Sargent’25)

This is a photo of Boston University student Fia McCarty and her mother in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.  They are in front of the fountains and you can see the tower in the background.  Mom has brown hair and sunglasses and wears blue shorts and a blue shirt.  She has her hands up in the air and a smile on her face.  Fia looks down on her mother in denim shorts and a black tank top.  She opens her arms and smiles at the camera.  She has blonde hair and sunglasses.  The picture is bright and it looks sunny.

Do: Mother

„My mother taught me what it means to be a strong woman. She is always there for me when I feel lost. I don’t know what I would do without her. Je Tayim Maman.”

Posted by: Fia McCarty (COM’25)

This is a photo by Boston University student Ashley Facey.  She is pictured with her mother as they stand in the mirror taking pictures of themselves.  Ashley is wearing a black dress and has a red phone in her hand.  She purses her lips and has sandy braided hair.  Her mother stands next to her in a floral dress and black shoes.  Her mother's scalp-length curly hair.  She is smiling just behind her daughter.

Do: Mother

„My mom is my best friend, support system, and inspiration. If I complain about being cold, she’ll pull the sun closer to the earth with her bare hands, even if she already tells me to bring a jacket. She’s the epitome of loyalty, generosity, honesty, and strength. Without her, I’d be nothing!”

Posted by: Ashley Facey (COM’24)

This is a photo of Boston University student Lexi Schwarzkopf sitting under a tree with her mother and sister.  The photograph is in black and white and the mother is leaning on the left, older daughter.  The younger sister is also leaning on the woman in the middle.  All three of them smile widely.  They are in summer clothes.

Do: Mother

„My mom is my best friend and I don’t know where my sister and I would be without her!”

Posted by: Lexi Scarczkopf (COM’23)

This is a photo of Boston University student Belinda Daniel with her parents.  They are all dressed in yellow and white and stand in front of a gray screen.  Belinda is in the middle and her mother is on the left, her father is on the right.  She is smiling in a white tank top with a yellow skirt in the middle.  Her father is also smiling in a yellow striped shirt, glasses and white shorts.  Her mother has a straight face and wears a yellow top with white pants.

To: Mom & Dad

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for your unwavering love, support and guidance that shaped me into the woman I am today. I am blessed to have such loving parents and I am so grateful for all you have done.

Posted by: Belinda Daniel (CAS’25)

Parents, thank you for taking care of our students and molding them into the people they are today. Life really wouldn’t be the same without you. Even on the days they forget to tell you, they know it Do Love you they are forever Grateful for you Parents, give a round of applause! You are doing well.

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