Telecommunications – Panama is evolving with the modernization of technology

(Panama City-ANPanamá) The Republic of Panama is becoming a pioneer in the use of radio waves in telecommunications, taking actions that go hand in hand with technological advances, offering new opportunities that are possible today as a new industry. The satellite shows the need to re-evaluate alternatives due to major modernization.

By streamlining modernization and encouraging the development of new opportunities, the telecommunications industry will experience a resurgence in growth in Panama in a very short period of time.

Public Advisory No. These initiatives established by 013-2023, resolution of February 22, 2024 AN no. 19022—Resolved by Telco, establishes new rules regarding the use of radio spectrum for satellite telecommunications services, including economic compensation. with the primary objective of encouraging the entry of new actors.

In this sense, the National Public Services Authority (ASEP) noted that closing the digital divide will accelerate, at a lower cost in underserved remote rural areas.

A panel of experts from the National Telecommunications Directorate of ASEP has established regulations that seek to incorporate new rules on spectrum sharing by cellular mobile operators. Networks.

Once the new rules come into force, land mobile operators will be able to provide their service through satellite stations, while users will be able to receive and send calls or messages from anywhere in the national geography.

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