Technology to end illegal racing on the Serra de Tramuntana road

In the coming months, Consel de Mallorca will install 32 cameras with sound level meters, license plate readers and speed detectors in the Serra de Tramuntana. Additionally, Consel will authorize the Directorate General of Transport (DGT) to install six more cameras.

Thus, there will be a total of 38 cameras, of which 20 will be located at specific locations on the Ma-10 highway and its surroundings. By this action, The Conseil de Mallorca wants to act against the problem of noise and unruly species Serra is produced in an iconic world heritage site

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All the information collected by the cameras will be provided to the DGT, which is the competent authority. „The consul cannot impose fines. However, from the first moment we took the side of the mayors and the affected residents of Serra, and we believe that the installation of these 34 cameras will have an important deterrent effect that will improve coexistence. Tramuntana mountain range,” explained Councilor Fernando Rubio.

Rubio has also indicated that the entry into operation of the camera is planned for two or three months, since the bidding process is in its final phase, but the intention of the Conseil de Mallorca is for the cameras to be operational early. Summer.

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For his part, Antoni Solivelles proposed to the mayors to sign contracts with the Directorate of Public Transport so that the local police of Serra's municipalities can operate in urban road sections.

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„This will be a very important step, which will allow control of noise and violations in populated areas. But it must be done through an agreement, because the DGT is responsible for regulating traffic on the roads,” said the insular director of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

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