Technology that makes the emergency triangle obsolete

One of the keys is must (or must). Helping integrate autonomous vehicles into urban life It is the interaction between road users and it. A communication that a person solves with his words or gestures, which is still outside the capabilities of machines.

Hence, the automotive industry is working to ensure the presence of automated vehicles in the future Their own way of expressing themselves through sound and visual channels Pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers can understand properly.

Companies belonging to the components sector like Marelli, because of his life-long nickname of Magneti Marelli, it will be very good for you. The Italian company will attend the next CES 2024 with its proposal in this regard, they call 'Intelligent social display'.

A light that 'talks'

Marelli's intellectual social scene includes A screen made of several LED diodes will light up in several colors, for example, to indicate that pedestrians can cross the street.Signal incidents on the road, such as traffic jams, accidents, work or broken vehicles, or thank other drivers who give way.



The screen is designed to integrate with the car's body, and its pictograms are easy to grasp and understand. In its statement, Transalpine has abandoned it At least two Chinese car manufacturers are already incorporating this technology On the front of its future models.


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