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The event will showcase proposals from a total of 125 companies in an edition where pedagogy 'gamification’ and artificial intelligence used in the field of teaching will play a key role.

Under the slogan Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Exploring New FrontiersIfema Madrid will present a new edition SIMO Educación, the international exhibition for educational technology and innovation, Between November 14 and 16. The conference, like every year, will showcase the major advancements in technology used in the field of teaching, which will mark the way forward to achieve a quality education model in line with the new digital era.

From the organization they expect 2022 broke records. Combine reasonable propositions 125 companies from 11 countries, representing an increase of 13%. In addition, SIMO education will grow based on location and spread throughout Ifema Madrid’s 3,200 square meter pavilion number 6, a 23% larger area than the last edition. As for help, the presence of some 9,200 professional visitors.

But the trade show will not be the only attraction of the event. SIMO education also includes a comprehensive program of co-curricular activities, training sessions and expert panels will explore the role of new technology tools in the future of education. In this context, analysis Potential applications of artificial intelligence in classrooms Contains basic weight. But that will not be the only topic to be discussed. A number of workshops will focus on Gambling Pedagogy, i.e. using video games to develop cooperative skills among students. On the other hand, the location IT girl It will strive to promote gender equality and encourage science and technology careers among young women.

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Los Public institutions They will also have a place in the meeting. For example, he National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training (Intef) Classrooms of the Future has designed its own program that addresses topics such as programming and robotics or basic digital skills. To all these we must add the participation of other institutions Various academic fields Autonomous communities such as Asturias, Canary Islands, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León or Murcia.

On the other hand, SIMO Educación will take advantage of temporal proximity European Robotics Week (Held from November 21 to 24). In particular, the Spanish Robotics Technology Platform (Hisparab) It will take the opportunity to organize practical workshops and conferences on the use of robots as teaching aids.

SIMO will also provide education system Help to support entrepreneurship and innovation. through the platform SIMO is educationally motivated, will reward seven recently developed business projects, including efforts related to the fight against cyberbullying or the quest for greater enrollment in classrooms. At the same time, SIMO Education Innova Some of the exhibition will select 10 best technology proposals for education sector created by brands.


Between 14th and 16th November, continuous hours from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.


The show will take place in pavilion number 6 of the IFEMA Madrid exhibition grounds.


125 companies from 11 different countries, representing a growth of 13% compared to the figures recorded in the previous edition.

Action plan

Beyond the trade fair, SIMO Educación offers a very diverse agenda. Worthy of mention is 'IT Girl’, a space to promote gender equality and promote science and technology careers among young women; Workshops to develop cooperative skills among students through 'Sports’; or 'Simo Inspira’ motivational talks so that teachers can innovate in terms of teaching methods.

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