Technology is on your side: devices, apps and other allies for women's health

In the continuous and almost always exhausting days of your daily life, you combine your professional fulfillment, personal project and family life, your daily tasks, important goals. To achieve happiness, growth and comprehensive well-being.

While all of this is a challenge and you usually struggle against obstacles and setbacks to face it, many women today are working to support an agenda that includes simple and everyday activities. and using emotional state Health Technology Solutions.

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While women are already using technology as an ally in their well-being, for example, by being connected and able to express themselves, communicate, work, educate, exercise and have fun from wherever they want, when they want, there are still some specific resources. Designed to be on your side, Because they help manage important aspects of their health. Adhoc startups called FemTech have emerged due to the importance technology companies are giving to this women issue. Big brands, for their part, have responded to this trend with high-level innovation.

To give you an idea of ​​the activities and resources you can implement to your advantage, we have selected five and explained them to you below:

1.- Digital and multifaceted management of your health: Apps designed for health are useful if you want to achieve goals in specific areas such as nutrition, exercise, body weight, and more. There are comprehensive apps that integrate various aspects of fitness in a centralized way, easy to use and compatible with different devices. It is, without a doubt, very convenient to organize yourself better. One of them Samsung Health, which records your activities during the day and helps you measure your sleep quality, information that serves as the basis for following a plan for healthy habits, measuring your progress and more. You can track your diet, heart rate and stress indicators, among other factors.

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2.- At hand and wherever you go: In addition to helping you stay connected and easily track social networks, emails and messagesA smart watch It can be a small and convenient personal health assistant. How wonderful to be able to take it with you anywhere and use it to manage your health! And in case Galaxy Watch 6 Can be done day or night. This device by Samsung Heath provides accurate measurements of skeletal muscle mass percentage, basal metabolic rate, water percentage and body fat. This way you will know the results of your training, while your watch will give you personalized recommendations.

3.- De-stress and relax: Meditation apps and relaxing music to “oxygenate” your emotions can be part of your personal digital wellness portfolio. Remember that you can download specially designed applications for this purpose on your smartphone, connect ergonomic and functional wireless headphones and play melodies and other sweet sounds with the best comfort you deserve.

4. Simultaneous exercise, connect and more: If you want to take a photo, enjoy songs, check incoming calls and reply to text messages, your sports routine, fitness tracker. Galaxy Fit3 gives it to you. You can view your daily training data on its large screen (with a menu of 100 different exercises) and track your sleep 24 hours a day directly from your wrist. Plus, you can be confident in its battery life: it can run for up to 13 days on a single charge, or run up to 65% quickly in 30 minutes.

5.- Timely assistance: Apps like Clu, Flow, WomanLog and Clover provide you with guidance and digital methods to help you with matters related to your personal and intimate health, such as the menstrual cycle and other aspects of fertility and family planning. Focus and follow through. In Samsung Health You also have functions to track these organic features, symptoms, fertility windows and ovulation days. Before choosing any option, we recommend that you do some research to determine which one is the most effective and easy to use, and at the same time consult your trusted doctor, because these tools and the ones we have already mentioned do not replace the correct guidance of a qualified specialist.

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