Technology in Education: GEM Report 2023

As recognized in the Incheon Declaration, the achievement of SDG 4 depends on the opportunities and challenges posed by technology, a relationship reinforced by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Technology appears in six of the ten goals of the fourth Sustainable Development Goal on education. These references recognize that technology affects education through five distinct channels: input, means of delivery, capability, tool for planning, and provision of social and cultural context.

However, there are often bitter divisions over how the role of technology is viewed. These categories are expanding as technology is developing at breakneck speed. The 2023 GEM Report on Technology and Education explores these debates, examining educational challenges to which the appropriate use of technology can provide solutions (access, equity and inclusion; quality; technological progress; computer management), while recognizing that many of the solutions proposed are harmful. .

The report examines three system-level conditions (access to technology, administrative regulation, and teacher preparation) that any technology in education must meet to achieve its full potential.

It provides Mid-term assessment of progress towards SDG 4It is shortened to a Brochure and promoted at the 2023 SDG Summit.

2023 GEM report and 200 PEER Country Profiles The program on technology and education was launched on July 26. View a recording of the global launch event Here and South-South dialogue between Ministers of Education in Latin America and Africa Here.

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