Technology has forever changed the way we book travel.

Certain sectors have been affected with special intensity by the effects of changes in consumption habits Website. One of them, once thriving, has been forced to change its business model and practically forget about the individual user. This, in particular, the travel agency sector, now focuses on companies and groups. Because? Well, because family users often book their trips online.

almost 90%

The Easter And the recent May Long Weekend proved it again: When the holidays come around, searches for travel deals on the Internet skyrocket. In Spain, it grows annually and according to navigation data recorded by the consulting firm GFK By this 2024, more than 34 million people in the country will have access sites Y applications Travel search (i.e. related to accommodation such as hotels and apartments, as well as search for transport, trains and return). This figure shows that 86% of people visit these websites and apps regularly. Each user spends an average of 1 hour and 42 minutes per month, and this is intensive consumption, as more than 12.5 million people consume this content daily.

A year ago

In terms of year-on-year growth in average daily visitors (number of people accessing these sites daily sites) increase is significant: almost 20% more daily users compared to 2023. Another result that this analysis shows is that the consumption of websites and applications Equally, both analyze monthly access – both genders exceed 17 million users – and average daily visitors, which are 6.5 million men compared to more than 6 million women. Likewise, men and women spend more than one and a half hours per month. What’s left for traditional travel companies? Group travel, business services and reinventing yourself is always a difficult task. The competition is fierce, in addition, now they have to compete with similar portals FlappingThe surprise factor adds to the enjoyment of the journey.

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