Technology Glossary: ​​What is a Technological Revolution?

Technology is very useful in daily activities. (Infobae)

The Technology It has been done Actions are required In different regions, it is also important to know the additional regulations that help protect minors exposed to social networks, avoid or recognize hacker attacks.

As technology has become essential for work, entertainment, school and staying in touch with friends and family, it is also important to know what DDoS, grooming, stalking, etc. are. Technical regulations.

By acquiring more knowledge you can Be more prepared Teach others, especially children and adults, to act and be confident when using devices or connecting to the Internet in the face of any adversity.

Technology is very useful in daily activities. (Infobae Archive)

A technological revolution is a period in evolution where the creation of many technological innovations occurs simultaneously.

Various technological revolutions have had a great impact on society and have changed its various aspects. Likewise, it raised warnings about the negative effects it could have on the environment and the creation of technological unemployment.

Thus, it can be said that technological revolution can be seen at different points in history where many technologies were developed at the same time.

The history of technology has its origins in very ancient times. For this reason, throughout human evolution, there have been many technological revolutions with each period. These are the most notable in history:

  • British Agricultural Revolution (1600-1740) . During this time, agricultural production increased with the development of various technological tools to improve crops.
  • Industrial Revolution (1780-1840) . It was one of the most influential periods in society. A variety of industries emerged that led to the creation of machinery to increase production.
  • Technological Revolution or Second Industrial Revolution (1880-1920) . During this time the industry became globally commercialized, bringing technological innovations to other countries.
  • Green Revolution (1940-1970) . During this time, advances were implemented in the planting of maize, wheat, and other cereals, enabling monocultures to yield 5 times more than traditional crops.
  • Information Age (1985-2000) . It was a time when great inventions important to mankind appeared, such as the telephone, the telegraph and, of course, computers and the Internet.
  • The third industrial revolution or intelligence revolution . It is seen in the current era and mainly in microelectronics and renewable energy.
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Below are some of the most influential technologies in each technological revolution:

  • Radar: Created in 1904 by Christian Hülsmeyer.
  • Guided Missile: By Wernher von Braun in 1942.
  • Atomic bomb: [Developedin1945byseveralscientistsandtheUSgovernment[1945இல்பலவிஞ்ஞானிகள்மற்றும்அமெரிக்கஅரசாங்கத்தால்உருவாக்கப்பட்டது
  • Electronic Digital Computer: John Presper Eckert, Jr. and John W. Mauchly in 1946.
  • Microwave Oven: By Percy L. and Spencer in 1947.
  • Color TV: Peter Carl Goldmark in 1950.
  • Hydrogen bomb: By Edward Teller and Stanislav Ulam in 1952.
  • Integrated Circuits: By Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce in 1959.
  • Laser: Arthur L. In 1960 by Shavlow and Gordon Gould.
  • Microprocessor: By Ted Hoff in 1972.
  • Optical Fiber: by Bell Labs in 1975.
  • Video Game: Ralph Baer 1977.
  • Mobile: By Martin Cooper in 1983.
  • WorldWideWeb: 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailleau.
  • Hubble Space Telescope: NASA and the European Space Agency.
Technology is an ally in people's daily lives. (EP)

Although Technology is found in all areas of life, there may be people who don't know how to use it yet or don't know how to function properly in certain situations; However, the best way to continue like this is to expand your knowledge.

For example, only a person who knows how to distinguish phishing can avoid being scammed and can warn others if they see something unusual on the sites they visit.

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