Shretha says she discussed general matters with Thaksin, not cabinet reshuffle

Asked if the other alliance parties had informed him that they wanted to change their ministerial posts, Shretha replied: “Alliance partners are well aware of their rights. I will not invite them openly to ask them whether they want to change their cabinet line-up or not.

“But of course, Palang Prasarat [party] One seat is vacant to fill.

When asked if she had any special food during her visit to Thaksin, Shretha said that she fasted continuously until noon every day, so she only had one cup of sugar-free Americano coffee.

Shretha said that Thaksin did not give her any special advice on the governance of the country.

„We exchanged common issues and information. Thaksin described the problems of his tenure and I described mine to compare how the world has changed,” Shretha said.

„He gave me moral support. He is a senior figure who cares about the country.

Asked what she thought of the many cabinet members who visited Thaksin when former prime minister Chiang Mai celebrated Songkran, Shretha quipped: “What do you think? You should tell me what you think so I can respond. Ask me directly”

A reporter then told him that several members of his cabinet had visited Thaksin in Chiang Mai, and Shretha said that it was normal for ministers to do so as they had known Thaksin for a long time since Thaksin was the founder of the Thai Rak Thai Party. That became the Pew Thai Party of today.

Shretha also cited the names of some of the ministers in question – Transport Minister Surya Zhuangrungkit, Deputy Prime Minister Somsak Thepsudin, Culture Minister Sermasak Bongpanit, Public Health Minister Solnan Srikaev and Defense Minister Sudin Klungsang.

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“I don't have to name everyone. All of them have known Thaksin longer than I have and they respect him for a long time. Thaksin is senior to all cabinet members and the ministers I have named are senior to me. So I don't feel anything about them seeing Thaksin,” Shretha said.

He said that Chiang Mai is a good city to visit and Songkran Day is a family day, so it is natural for politicians to visit Chiang Mai to meet someone they respect. He noted that several Members of Parliament also visited Thaksin.

“Don't think too much. They visited Thaksin as Thaksin's mother is the founder of Rak Thai and a respected senior figure,” Shretha said.

He said he did not know why he was expected to hold the post of Defense Minister.

„Maybe because I have been visiting battalions and quarters of the army and I have close relations with the top officials. We can talk to each other over the phone. It is my duty as Prime Minister to ask them to protect the border and provide agricultural land to the people, and they have responded well to my request,” Shretha explained.

„I don't have to be their direct commander to give them these orders.”

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