Technology and innovation are people-centric tools

Today, technology is present in all areas of our lives and society, a vehicle and opportunity to create new business models and innovations. This adaptation process has become one of the major concerns of organizations. Digitization process has become an essential requirement for any organization. Digital acceleration and innovation have become a necessary combination to drive the competitiveness and sustainability of companies and organizations. According to a recent study prepared by KPMG and the Confederation of Spanish Business Organizations (CEOE), 58% of Spanish businesses place digital transformation among their strategic priorities in 2023. Companies, without a doubt, are driving the sustained growth of the digital economy, whose weight has reached 22.6% of GDP this year, which also shows the maturity of the ecosystem. After making giant strides in digitization during the pandemic, companies have moved from intuition and experience to decision-making based on information, and in many cases, all of this helps not only streamline processes but also transform the way your business operates.

In general, gaining efficiency and productivity helps implement a successful culture of innovation, understood as any change that creates value. At Samsung, innovation is etched in our DNA – 25% of our employees are dedicated to innovation – which is why it has become one of the most recognized companies for its technological innovation. At our house, we understand that creating innovative products and services goes beyond improving the already established. But at Samsung, we know that leadership in innovation can’t just be in product development because we’re all part of a global community.

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Therefore, reducing the environmental impact and leading the industry in sustainable practices is one of our main objectives.

Innovation and technology are of no use without the purpose of improving people’s lives and securing a future for future generations. That’s why we continue to work on Galaxy for the Planet, Samsung’s sustainability platform, which promotes the use of recycled materials such as plastic from discarded fishing nets, reducing the carbon footprint of Samsung products and services. At Samsung we believe technology can help create a better society. For this reason, ten years ago the 'Technology with Purpose’ initiative was born; The 100% local initiative focuses on education and culture, accessibility and well-being and finally, employment and entrepreneurship through innovation at every level of our operation. As a result of this initiative, we are proud of projects like Unfear, designed to 'quiet the fear’ of people with autism; A free application based on artificial intelligence, whose aim is to improve the daily lives of people with autism spectrum disorder through automatic noise cancellation, has been able to improve the lives of many.

Therefore, our priority is to focus on innovation to continue to deliver valuable experiences, thus making technology a true tool at the service of all. In short, if I’ve learned anything in these years dedicated to technology, it’s that it’s important to focus on people’s needs without ever losing sight of where we all live. Only in this way can we be sure that in challenging times like ours, there are no limits to innovation.

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