Technology and Health Awards 2023 A night of technology

As celebrated every year, the Technology and Health Foundation Promoted by Fenin It celebrates its technical night at the Beatriz building in Madrid Seven awards to department heads in recognition of health technology.

Former Health Minister José Manuel Miñones was among those absent during the night due to a change of portfolios in recent days. For her part, Margarita Alphonse, Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Technology and Health Foundation and Secretary of Fen, who directed the event, presided over the stage; Fernando Bondres, President of the Technology and Health Foundation; Jorge Huertas, president of Fenin; and María Jesus Llamas, Director of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, responsible for presenting the awards. Under the motto 'Technology for People, Technology for Life’, Alfonsal defends the foundation’s work and explains what its main aspiration is. One of the objectives of the Foundation is to contribute Our healthcare system recognizes and recognizes excellence Those healthcare professionals, companies, organizations that bring technology closer to patients through their daily work.

Winners of the night

Accreditation of Technology and Health Foundation 2023

Strategy 2020-2024 Change 12, The project of the hospital rises with success, on the 12th of October in Madrid. The award recognizes the excellence of the hospital Tools to improve diagnosis Patients supported by organizational innovation, technological innovation and innovation of spaces.

Fenin Award for Health Technological Innovation 2023

Awarded Dr. Jose Maria Fernandez-Ranata, Head of the Hematology and Hemotherapy Service at the Crone Salud Madrid Hospital, for his brilliance career and to be considered together A precursor to bone marrow transplantation.

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„It is essential to take DTT (Treatment, Diagnosis and Treatment) into account. Although diagnosis and treatment is a matter of technology, treatment always lies with the physician,” argued the hematologist.

Technology and Health Foundation Award 2023 for Best Patient Support Organization

The Phelan-McDermidt syndrome association It won this category for its contribution to ensuring families with this syndrome have access to reliable and up-to-date information. The award was collected by the foundation’s president, Norma Alhambra, who explained that she works to „give back.” Support for all Spanish-speaking families „Who suffers the effects of this rare disease.”

2023 Award for the best education and prevention campaign promoted by an autonomous community

Acknowledgment of „School of Health and Care” of Castilla-La Mancha For their involvement in empowering citizens to cope with their illness. “This project has the support of the Health and Humanization Program. We work for health, not health. We are working on something very complex and the future of this system depends on this new approach,” the words of María Teresa Marín Rubio, General Director of Humanization and Socio-Health Protection of the Ministry of Health of Castilla-La Mancha.

2023 Award for Best Home Care Program for Long Term Patients Developed by Autonomous Community

Awarded „Chronic Patient Care Strategy” by Castilla y Leon.

Silvia Fernández Calderón, General Director of Health Care and Humanization, collected the award and says how the initiative was born: „Due to the high rurality of our society, it is necessary to take care of patients at home.”

2023 Award for Best Technological Innovation in Improved Health by Autonomous Community

Addressed Catalonia Diabetes Special Unit, Coordinated by Sabadell’s Parc Daully and Sant Joan de Dieu Hospital, it is developing a new model of care for the diagnosis and treatment of type 1 childhood diabetes. Therefore, the A redefinition of a model „Buying based on value-added strategies adds a difference to the system,” argues Roque Cardona, head of the Diabetes Unit at Sant Joan de Dieu Hospital.

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Fenin Award for Entrepreneurship in Health Technology 2023

Ghana Bitbrain is pioneering an innovative tool for early detection and diagnosis of neurological diseases.

The company produces innovative products in the field of neurotechnology that they seek Reduces cognitive impairment and sleep disorders through settings Artificial intelligence. Thus they contribute to neurological diseases without cure.

Tribute to Margarita Alfonsal

Once the awards are presented, Professor Bondres oversees the tribute to Margarita Alfonsal. The end of his long career.

Javier Collas, first president of the Technology and Health Foundation; Daniel Carreño, former president of Fenin; Carmen Ayuzo, head of genetics service at the Jimenez Díaz Foundation; Ana Pastor, Congress Deputy and Deputy General Secretary of the Popular Party; They participate in Alfonsal’s recognition, in which he assesses what will be the last night of technology. Using this occasion, Maria Jesus Llamas, director of the Medicines and Health Products Agency, closed the event and dedicated some emotional words to Margarita for her excellent professional work in the health sector. They all define Margarita as a person ’High leadership skills, empathy and concern for quality’. They agree that their presence is crucial to strengthening the country’s health technology sector.

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