Technology, a tool for improving trade in Latin America

The use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things has digitally transformed Latin America in international trade processes, thus reducing costs and procedures.

Gabriela Ruggeri, Managing Partner Overboost, he said Combined with new technologies Beginnings Like Robi, Mercado Libre has digitally transformed Latin America.

„When Mercado Libre started to what it is today, the amount of investment that entered the region multiplied 10 times and the value of technology companies also increased, therefore, I believe that this will continue and with the new technologies that are created. „Latin America and the Caribbean is an attractive market,” he explained.

He noted that new technologies have established the foundations for a collaborative ecosystem and framework across the region.

„Technology in Latin America, both in terms of start-up and entrepreneurial capital, drives the entire region in every way, and it will continue to evolve and be a central part of the entrepreneurial spirit,” he noted during his participation. In the group.Unleash technology-enabled trade and investment as an engine for growth and prosperity” of Korean-LAC Innovation and Business Forum.

Meanwhile, Jose Cobos, director of global sales Nowports, He opined that the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and various other technologies are helping to improve communication among various participants in the business process, making it easier, more agile and better informed decisions.

For example he described, Real time tracking of containersThey also help to get data about environment or environment like humidity or any other factors.

Automation of warehouses, robots and inventory forecasting.

„Every time someone buys something in e-commerce, the warehouse automatically knows what’s going to happen in the next few minutes and processes the order immediately, which helps increase efficiency,” he pointed out.

So, he took it forward A high level of automation will continue to be observed in the next decade Throughout the process, from the supplier to the end user, as well as artificial intelligence making decisions „for us”, a personalized supply chain and consistency in these processes.

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Young-Hwan Cha, CEO and President Korea Business NetworkThrough their platform, more than 650 international trade documents have been digitized and more than 500 million transactions have been carried out, which can guarantee transparency through the absence of personal contact with public authorities and companies have been able to reduce the cost of these activities. .

„We are going through zero paper offices, we are providing service through digital platforms, free trade,” he said.

Hyeong Hwan Joo, former minister Korea’s trade and energy industryHe noted that emerging technologies are having a major impact on relations between his country and Latin America.

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