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„We took a learning-by-doing approach to help students learn about angle,” says Ismail. „We worked together to solve a 'use case’ – an example they might encounter in the real world. Later in the session, I also shared best practices based on real things I’ve been doing in my own work.

Ismail says the session encouraged teamwork as well as learning technical skills.

„Collective intelligence is powerful,” he says. „When people think together, they can solve problems faster and create better innovations. Innovation is a key skill in software development, and when you’re a developer you don’t work alone, you work as a team of people with different skills. That means leadership, teamwork. and soft skills like critical thinking and coding. One of my favorite things about Capgemini is that you work as a team. I play rugby, and at Capgemini we work together like a rugby team.

Continuous learning

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a software developer, Ismail says, is that you always have the opportunity to learn new skills.

„I really wanted to encourage the students in our session to keep learning,” says Ismail. “Technology is advancing rapidly, and what is mundane today can become great tomorrow. As a developer, you must always keep up with change and learn new skills. It is better to know this from the beginning.

Ultimately, he says, working in technology and software development is about solving problems.

„If someone comes to you with a problem and you use your skills and experience to solve it, the best thing is to solve it. Technology gives us room to think and innovate, it makes our lives easier and helps us solve problems for humanity. I think that’s the main goal in what we do. We have to dream big, To work hard, to innovate – and with some technical skills, that’s what I wanted to pass on to the students.

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