Taylor Swift Joins Barbra Streisand at 2024 Grammys

Taylor Swift has already cemented her status as one of the greatest musicians of all time, and she’s got the accolades to prove it. As one of the most decorated stars of music’s biggest nights, he no longer needs the Grammys to cement his place in history. When nominations for the 2024 Grammy Awards are announced later this year, Swift is expected to be among the most nominated musicians, and one specific intervention could help her make history.

Swift’s album midnights, due out in late 2022, is already the frontrunner for this year’s coveted Grammy Album. The collection was a commercial and critical success, and looks like a shoe-in for one of the top 10 spots.

It remains to be seen whether Swift will win the ultimate honor of Album of the Year, a trophy she has already held several times in the past. Nevertheless, 2024 appears to be a relatively weak year in terms of competition, making Swift a serious contender. In fact, it’s not just about success, the nomination itself will be a huge achievement for her.

If midnights Scoring an Album of the Year nomination, which seems highly likely at this point, Swift will join Barbra Streisand for the most recognition in the field among female artists with half a dozen album of the year nominations. Swift, just one nomination behind, is poised to tie the feat and cement her place in Grammy history.

Swift’s journey toward this spot in the record books began with her sophomore album Don’t fear It was nominated as the first album of the year of his career. The title not only earned a nomination, but also an award, making Swift the youngest lead artist to achieve this feat at the time.

The superstar has won the prestigious honor twice with his albums 1989 And Folklore. With three hits under his belt, he is currently tied with music legends Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon for the most hits in the category. In addition, he received nominations for his albums Red And AlwaysAlthough she was not successful in those cases.

Barbra Streisand, on the other hand, received her first album Grammy in 1964, becoming only the second woman to do so after Judy Garland. This early success saw him as a potential winner every year from 1964 to 1967, and despite two more chances to win in 1981 and 1987, he was only able to claim gold once.

The Recording Academy has yet to announce an official date for releasing the nominations, but eligibility ends on September 15, with most of the nominated songs and albums already released. Swift’s name stands as a formidable contender at the moment, and her exceptional body of work over the years has undoubtedly established her as one of the favorites.

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