Taylor Swift can 'comfortably' make Super Bowl after Tokyo concert, Japanese embassy assures fans

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Taylor Swift's concert in Tokyo next week will not prevent her from attending the Super Bowl, the Japanese embassy in DC said Friday. Kansas City Chiefs—and her boyfriend, tight end Travis Kelce.

Key facts

Japan's embassy — in a witty statement filled with puns referencing Swift's albums —said If Swift left Tokyo shortly after her appearance on the evening of February 10, she would „hopefully be able to arrive conveniently in Las Vegas before the start of the Super Bowl” on February 11.

Those worried about Swift's visit to Las Vegas „can be fearless” knowing she will „wow the Japanese audience” before returning to the US to support the Chiefs while „wearing red.”

FlightAware spokeswoman Kathleen Bangs said NBC News Swift's trip to the Super Bowl is „definitely doable,” and since Tokyo's time zone is 17 hours ahead of Las Vegas, it would take her more than a full day to jet from Tokyo to Chin, giving her less than 10 hours to get to Las Vegas. city.

Swift continues to use the Falcon 900LX and Falcon 7X Private jets can cover the 5,530 miles between Tokyo and Las Vegas without stopping Refuel.

Although Swift may arrive in time for the Super Bowl, her private plane may not have enough parking space, a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman said. said The Associated Press reported that all 475 parking spaces at four airports around Las Vegas could be full for the game.

What we don't know

Even if Swift manages to make it back stateside in time for the Super Bowl, it's unclear if she actually plans to go to the game.

Amazing fact

Heidi Hayes, spokeswoman for the Clark County Department of Aviation, told The Associated Press that private airports around Las Vegas reached maximum capacity in November when the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix was held.

Main background

Swift has made several appearances at Chiefs regular season games and recently attended the team's conference championship win over the Baltimore Ravens, often sitting in a luxury box with Kells' mother, Donna. Speculation has intensified in recent days about whether he could appear in the Super Bowl featuring the Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers and support Kelce as Swift. Planned To appear on stage in Tokyo the night before. The concert starts at 8pm local time and ends around 11:15pm or 6:15am PT, According to to NBC News.


A Defense Department spokesman told Forbes on Friday that Swift was not part of a „psychological operation” linked to the company, denying Conspiracy theories Swift and Kelce are part of a Democratic-led plan to promote President Joe Biden's re-election campaign.

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DOD confirms: Taylor Swift is not a Pentagon asset (and Travis Kelce probably isn't, either) (Forbes)

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