Talkline was recognized as “Irresistible Healthcare” in the Innovation in Health Technology category.

Last Tuesday, December 13, 2022, the second edition of the Unstoppable Health Awards, presented by Grupo Italfarmaco, took place to recognize the work of health professionals and companies that fought the Covid pandemic for the first time. 19 To protect the health of the people.

This second edition is dedicated to patients, an active part of the field, because no one like them knows what it is like to live with a disease and their needs in a broader sense, which must be taken into account by healthcare professionals. . Their participation in all processes, health management and policies, scientific conferences and training sessions is essential to provide their vision and knowledge of the disease and to achieve the best outcome in treatment approach.

In the words of Alvaro Acepron, General Director of Grupo Italfarmaco in Spain, “We believe this recognition will help. Providing visibility to all sectors involved in patient care and attention, from patient associations to researchers, health authorities and institutions. We believe that the collaboration of all agencies involved is essential to excellence in patient care and improving the quality of life of those we place at the center of our work.

Docline received the Imparable Sanitario Award in Docline’s Innovation in Health Technology category.

With more than 5,000 doctors registered on its digital health platform, Talkline has developed an innovative telemedicine system that has revolutionized the way patients access healthcare. Their platform has improved access and quality of care, especially for those living in rural areas or those with difficulty getting around.

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Talkline is a digital health and wellbeing program brought to companies and currently serves more than 1,000 employees of the Italfarmaco Spain Group.

Italfarmaco decides to invest in the digital health and well-being of its employees, as its main objectives include ensuring care and health, effectively covering the pharmaceutical needs of patients and seeking sustainable improvements in treatment. These principles are rooted in its corporate culture, a responsibility that includes not only society and patients, but also its employees, he highlights. Olga Maria de Entrambasaguas Arcones, Human Resources Manager, Italfarmaco Spain, Who adds: „Over the years we have implemented measures and initiatives internally to improve the care and physical and emotional well-being of our employees, one of these initiatives being the hiring of Talkline’s digital medical service in 2020. It is one of the most valued and used social benefits because of the benefits it provides. Not only does accessibility and time savings by avoiding travel ease reconciliation, but also the peace of mind of receiving 24/7 medical care, video consultation request via app, quick response and e-prescription.”.

The Italfarmaco Talkline chooses to invest in digital health and the well-being of its employees, offering them:

  • Continuous Maintenance: With Talkline Care app, all employees have instant and unlimited access to free, quality medical care 24/7. Without waiting lists and regardless of time or this level of preventive and continuous care, with the initiative of the medical staff theory In monitoring sick leave, it translates into healthier employees and increased productive hours.
  • Functionality: The integration of prescriptions and electronic medical records into the personal profile of each employee’s Talkline Care app reduces bureaucracy for the organization, improves processes and allows specialists to manage their health more efficiently, reducing time devoted to administrative procedures and focusing more attention. Prevention and real health care.
  • Wellbeing at Work: Prioritizing the health and well-being of employees not only affects their work performance, but also creates a more positive and engaging work environment. It strengthens the company culture and encourages talent retention.
  • Employer branding: Italfarmaco’s investment in digital health for its employees reflects its commitment to excellence, productivity and real care for its human team.
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