Take technology to neighboring countries

Nowadays, technology is a basic tool for the population in general, which is why the municipality, under the initiative of the municipality, has achieved this in collaboration with BGH. Buy 1,500 notebooks and tablets at promotional prices made by local workersCitizens Management Secretary highlighted, Gonzalo Ferroand Under Secretary for Public Innovation, David MassiminoIn the study of ((La 97)) Radio Fuguina.

On a radio show „A Great Day”Massimino pointed it out „These devices are built to scale and on demand.” Under the plan ’Technical Edges’, „Prior to the intermediate institutions of the city, devices were accessible and accessible in gardens, schools, churches, neighborhood clubs, cafeterias, etc.”.

„Program continues to run”, highlighted Ferro, which is why he invited the representatives of a group in the city to register through social networks of the municipality. Likewise, he explained that the next step after registration is to get a visit from the municipal administration officials so that they can access the equipment.

„The most important thing is to bring this network together.”. The Undersecretary for Public Innovation revealed. „The main objective of the project is to create a link between the institutions and integrate with the municipality” he added.

Then, monitoring is carried out to evaluate the progress and evolution of the equipment provided. Likewise, program „Technical Edges”There are workshop leaders to train those who want it in a specific area, so that in this way, the technology is used 100%, and Rio Grande residents are better included in the network.

Citizens Management Secretary, Gonzalo Ferroand Under Secretary for Public Innovation, David Massimino In the study of ((La 97)) Radio Fuguina.

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