Take It or Live It – Terry LGBTQ+ trio tackle tough issues with spark – The Irish Times

Take it or leave it

Artist: Serim

Type: Rock

label: Alcopop! records

On paper, it sounds like a debut album Serim Can be a heavy affair both musically and thematically. Themes abound, such as fighting against the Catholic Church, living with ADHD and autism, and singer Hannah Richardson's experiences as a black mother in Ireland. This record, however, is a great example of turning personal perspectives into music.

Self-described queer punk-pop, the Terry trio came of age as „ugly emo kids” in the early 2000s. The era's influence is liberally sprinkled throughout the set, from the raucous power-pop riff of protest anthem Alpha Beta Sigma („They said I was a badass, they said I was a sinner”) to the barbed wire if I were a man. And rough, happy colorblind.

Taking Up Sports is a tongue-in-cheek number reminiscent of early Blink-182 („Baby when I see you in those shorts/ You make my head all over”); The Thing About Them's grungy twang recalls 1990s acts like Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney, while there's melody, harmony and a spark of energy around every corner, with Richardson's pulsating vocals leading the way throughout.

It might not be the most original album you'll hear this year, and Cerim may have been a bit wishfully shaped by their influences. Still, sometimes it's not always reinventing the wheel. There's enough pizzazz and panache here to make a lasting impression.

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