Kuneet Monga attended the Cannes red carpet in a gold saree, thanks to the Indian delegation | Bollywood

Kuneet Monga walked the red carpet of the 76th Cannes Film Festival in a gold saree. On his Instagram, the Oscar-winning producer expressed his gratitude to the Indian government team and shared two pictures from the red carpet. He is part of the Indian team at Cannes. (Also Read: Kuneet Monga Reveals Airport Officials Only Wanted To Be Photographed With His Oscar: 'Nikal Ke Digao, Degna Hai’)

Gangapam Thompa, Dr L Murugan and Guneeth Monga attended the red carpet at Cannes.

Union Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Dr L Murugan, who is leading the Indian delegation at the Cannes Film Festival, and Manipuri actor Gangapam Thompa were also spotted on the red carpet with the filmmaker. Kuneeth wrote a detailed note on the subject of the post thanking the delegation for the opportunity to represent the country on the world stage. In the pictures, she channels a traditional look in a gold saree and pairs it with minimal accessories.

In the caption for his post, Kuneeth wrote, „Extremely happy to be a part of the Government of India delegation at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. India is now on the world stage in world cinema and it’s an honor to be a part of this momentous occasion.”

“I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to the Government of India and FICCI for giving me this incredible opportunity to represent our country on this world stage.

„Cannes is great to be back home. I love the energy of the festival, walking up and down the streets, meeting fraternity friends and celebrating cinema.

„It fills my heart to see Indian cinema being celebrated on the world stage at a prestigious film festival like Cannes. A show that celebrates the power of Indian cinema and its ability to bring people together. #IndiaAtCannes”

Guneeth Monga and director Karthik Gonçalves won the Oscar for Best Documentary at the 95th Academy Awards for The Elephant Whisperers. The 41-minute documentary revolves around the bond between an orphaned baby elephant (named Raghu) and its caretakers, a couple named Bomman and Belly.

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