Sustainability bonds support Cambodia’s emissions targets, says Chea Serey

At the annual Nikkei 'Future of Asia’ 2024 forum, Cambodia’s National Bank Governor Chea Cheri said Asia is making progress in its ambition to achieve carbon neutrality.

Addressing a forum in Tokyo, Japan on May 24, the NBC governor said net-zero emissions are possible in the not-too-distant future, citing measures such as Cambodia’s 'Sustainability Bond Investment Exchange’.

„Can the Asian region achieve its goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions?” The NBC Governor was invited as a speaker on the panel. The event was attended by several prominent Asian leaders, including Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Son Santhol.

According to a statement, the NBC governor noted the Cambodian government’s climate goals, sustainable financial flow in the ASEAN region and NBC’s role in facilitating financial cooperation. In his speech, the governor emphasized the need for resources to strengthen Cambodia’s climate resilience and urged international support for vulnerable and low-emission countries to adapt to the new climate environment.

On the sidelines of the 29th Nikkei Forum, Cheri also met with ASEAN Secretary General Gao Kim Huron. He discussed with him the significant progress made in ASEAN digital payments integration, financial inclusion and sustainable finance. In his meeting with him, the governor also emphasized the need to sustain this momentum to fully realize the development potential of the region.

ASEAN Secretary General Gao Kim Hearn spoke on 'Digital Synergy Across Borders: Enhancing Asia-Pacific Cooperation’. Hearn said digital technologies have become ASEAN’s new driver for innovation, productivity and economic growth. He also said that negotiations for the ambitious ASEAN Digital Economy Framework Agreement (DEFA) will conclude in 2025.

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Once the DEFA agreement is signed, the region’s digital economy will double to $2 trillion by 2030, he said.

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