Students are invited to the Grupo Milenio Science and Technology Competition

He Durango State GovtThe Secretary of State for Education (SEED) In coordination with Council of Science and Technology of the State of Durango (COCYTED) Invite students from public and private high schools for the Young Creativity Competition “Science and Humanities: Future Me”.

The call was made to encourage creativity and innovation among secondary education students across the state. Pique your interest Through science and technology areas, science supports teaching and enables the learning process among young people November 17, 2023Structure of State Science and Technology Week 2023.

Students can also participate Personal or en Equipment Up to a maximum of three members. They have a Counseling teacher per project and it may be responsible for a maximum of three jobs per campus.

The theme of the project is free, although presenters are given priority sPollution to social, economic and/or environmental problems in your environment and/or community. During the development of projects, A Pythagoras Provide a technical report on the system with the specifications found in the call

Plans will be sent electronically Digital Format (PDF)Describes work done with a Sunday deadline November 5, 2023 4:00 p.m. Document in the form of a written technical report on the program say12-point Arial font, 1.5 line spacing and justified.

For more information, it is important to consult the entire call, which can be found on the COCYTED page. Calling phone numbers is also important (618) 813 35 28 from 812 92 38With Jorge Cantellano Vargas or Francisco Saldivar Orona for explanations and doubts.

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