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On your mission, get ready…Wednesday night kicked off the Golden Globes Week party at the Louis Vuitton Pop-Up in West Hollywood, sure to make a red carpet impact this season.

„You're the guy I'm looking for,” exclaimed Jaden Smith, eyeing a server with a tray of champagne glasses. „Thank God,” he sighed. „Thanks.”

He was ready for a drink as he balanced his blue Louis Vuitton „Millionaire” Speedy in his other hand.

Williams took the French house's well-known bag, despite her being MIA.

The store, one of 50 stores now open worldwide, has a hidden room behind a bookcase displaying colorful Speedy bags.

Jaden Smith

Greg DeGuire for WWD

Best actor nominees Barry Keoghan of „Saltburn” and Netflix's „Beef” star Steven Yeun were among the first guests to visit the store, which is open until March, and is designed to have a gold installation similar to Williams' June stint in Pont Neuf. 2023 show in Paris.

„I really like what Pharrell is doing,” Yoon said. „I was happy they were able to dress up this season.”

Will we see her in Louis Vuitton at the Globes on Sunday?

„This Sunday, I'm not positive,” he laughed. There is time. He won Best Actor at the Critics' Choice Awards and Best Lead Actor at the Emmys.

„Megan and I have been friends for a long time,” she says of working with her stylist, Megan Bowman Gray. „We went through a great journey together. And then we somehow ended up living on the same street with kids the same age. So, it feels kind of organic.”

Steven Yeun at the Louis Vuitton West Hollywood Pop-Up on January 3, 2024 in West Hollywood, California.

Steven Yoon

Greg DeGuire for WWD

Yoon, 40, made a name for herself on AMC's series “The Walking Dead” and dazzled audiences in Lee Isaac Chung's 2020 film “Minari,” ahead of her hit “Beef,” which premieres in April 2023.

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„It's all been a privilege,” he said, accompanied by his wife, photographer Joanna Bach. „We have such a strong, real family life. So sometimes I can jump in and out, and I love that it's kind of been a ride. I've been taking it step by step. So, it's been a lot of fun. Because I can't be too nervous about these things, „I was lucky to be in the piss for a minute. But that's just the icing on the cake.”

He is looking forward to the release of some upcoming projects including Bong Joon Ho's „Mickey 17” with Robert Pattinson and Andy Jussero's „Love Me” with Sam and Kristen Stewart.

„I think being open to anything that feels creative and fulfilling,” she added. „And I'm not trying to be in a holding position, but just letting it be in the flow.”

Any New Year's Resolutions? „To be back in my body, not in my head.”

Barry Keoghan at the Louis Vuitton West Hollywood Pop-Up on January 3, 2024 in West Hollywood, California.

Barry Keoghan

Greg DeGuire for WWD

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