Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs 'Leaderless' airs

  • By Noor Nanji
  • Cultural Correspondent

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Wright joined the BBC in the 1970s and hosted Afternoon Shows on Radio 1 and Radio 2.

Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs was launched earlier this week as a tribute to the BBC Radio 2 presenter who died.

Lisa Tarbuck, who hosts a special episode of the show, said the show was going on but „without a leader”.

He also read tributes from listeners to the DJ.

Wright's final performance was last Sunday, when he hosted a pre-recorded Valentine's Day special edition of his Love Songs show. He died on Monday at the age of 69.

Wright joined the BBC in the 1970s and spent more than four decades presenting afternoon programs on Radio 1 and Radio 2.

He also fronted television shows for the BBC, including Top of the Pops.

Sunday's show was one of a series of tributes to the BBC's beloved presenter and featured some of his favorite songs.

Joe Waithi hosted another tribute to the „legend” broadcast on Radio 2 on Tuesday evening and said it was „very strange” to be doing it as he had seen Wright „days ago”.

George Michael and Mary J. Tarbuck opened the show with Blige's song as„It's Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs but without the leader, without our genius friend.”

„So when you get a tissue, I think it would be awesome if you lit a candle for him. I don't apologize if I feel bad for the next couple of hours, and I don't think you should either.”

He has read many tributes from loyal listeners over the years.

„Steve read every request like talking to a friend – thanks Steve. We're going to miss you so much,” one fan wrote.

„While we were getting ready for our wedding we listened to Steve and surprisingly got a cute note my parents secretly sent,” another noted.

„Our videographers added this sound at the end of a special commemorative loop they created, so Steve will always be a part of 'The Best Day of Our Lives.' He created magic with his show.”

Tarbuck became emotional as he read a tribute from someone who had listened to the show with their husband for years.

„On Sunday mornings, my husband, also known as Steve, would dance in the kitchen while our two daughters squealed with embarrassment,” they wrote.

„When Steve and I were dancing in the kitchen last week – we never imagined that would be our last dance with the wonderful Steve Wright. He was part of our family”.

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