Stephen A. says Sixers GM lied to James Harden amid drama Smith notes

Regarding the drama involving James Harden, Daryl Morey and the Philadelphia 76ers, Stephen A. Smith shared some information from his sources. Smith previously took a swipe at Harden for putting the Sixers in a tough spot, but the eccentric analyst seems to be changing his tune.

On a recent episode of „The Stephen A. Smith Show,” Smith gained valuable knowledge about the Horton-Morey play in Philly. His sources told him that the Sixers general manager lied to the former MVP despite everything that happened in Houston.

„Darl Morey went MIA on him, according to sources,” Smith said. „I haven’t talked to Daryl Morey. I haven’t had a chance to ask him if it’s true or not, but today I will. If it’s true, James Harden has every right to be angry!

James Harden and Daryl Morey have experienced that during their time together with the Houston Rockets. Harden and Morey used to be pretty tight, but things changed this season. The 34-year-old star said last month that Morey lied to her and she no longer trusts him.

Stephen A. Smith’s sources appear to corroborate Horton’s claims, but Morey’s side has yet to be released. If Morey actually commits to paying the former MVP the maximum amount of money or trading him to a new team, there could be a hit to the Sixers GM’s reputation.

The only problem with Harden still wanting to be traded to the LA Clippers is that he can’t start a holdout. The new CPA rules will not allow him to miss games without a valid reason.

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If he violates the new rule, the Sixers will take control of his rights next summer and could prevent him from joining a new franchise.

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James Harden skips Sixers practice ahead of team’s finale

James Harden (left) of the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Philadelphia 76ers have their postseason opener against the Atlanta Hawks on Friday. The Sixers practiced on Tuesday and Wednesday, but James Harden did not attend. He is said to be in Houston and has not been with the team since Sunday.

According to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, the Sixers are going to wait for Harden to explain his actions before handing down a potential punishment. He was scheduled to play the team’s final preseason game, but that may now be out the window.

Sixers coach Nick Nurse has no time for drama. He told reporters on Wednesday that he will prepare his team on Friday with or without Harden.

„If he’s here, we’re going,” said the nurse. „If he’s not here, we’ll go. … I’ll continue what he said when I last spoke to him.”

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