Stephanie Beatriz and Keith David are the voice actors of 'Husbin Hotel’

Stephanie Beatrice, Keith David and Kimiko Glenn are set to star in the new adult animated series “Hospin Hotel”. The first season will premiere exclusively on Prime Video in January 2024.

Along with a teaser of the original song „Happy Day in Hell,” Prime Video released the full vocal set at New York Comic Con on Saturday. Season 1 series regulars Beatrice as Wagi, David Husk as Glenn Nifty, Erika Henningson as Charlie, Alex Friedman as Sir Pentius, Blake Roman as Angel Dust, Amir Dalai as Alastair, Christian Borle and Joel Perez round out the voice cast. Vox and Valentino as the demons of Hell, respectively.

The animated musical comedy series follows Charlie (Henningsen), the princess of Hell, as she tries to rehabilitate demons to peacefully reduce the overpopulation in her kingdom. According to the serial lockline, “After the annual destruction imposed by the angels, [Charlie] He opens a hotel in the hope that patrons will 'check out’ in heaven. While most of Hell mocks her goal, her devoted partner Vagi (Beatrice), and their first test subject, adult film star Angel Dust (Roman), stick by her side. When a powerful entity known as the 'Radio Demon’ offers to aid Charlie in her endeavours, her crazy dream gets a chance to come true.

Based on creator Medrano’s animated pilot, “Hospin Hotel” was released on YouTube in 2019, amassing over 89 million views.

Medrano serves as executive producer and directed all episodes. Joel Kuwahara, Dana Dafoya-Cameron and Scott Greenberg are executive producing through A24, with Greenberg serving only as EP for the first season. „Hospin Hotel” is produced by A24 and Fox Entertainment’s Emmy Award-winning animation studio Bento Box Entertainment.

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