Sports for Nature doubles signups in first year – News

Under the Sports for Nature framework, signatories pledge to adhere to four core principles that protect nature while contributing to national and global biodiversity goals.

The International Rafting Federation, International Weightlifting Federation, Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Cup And World Triathlon Sports companies are the latest to sign up to the framework, a path that helps games take measurable steps towards nature. Earlier this month, the European professional club rugby It also announced its commitment to the framework.

The Games for Nature is a joint initiative of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the International Olympic Committee, the United Nations Environment Program and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity and Climate Change.

Together with the first 23 signatories on 16 December 2022, these organizations launched the Sports Framework for Nature at the Conference of the Parties on Biological Diversity in Montreal. Initiative and committed to report annually on their progress.

Next month, the 2022 signatories are expected to deliver their first annual progress reports, which will then be compiled and submitted as the sector’s contribution to the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. This historic agreement was signed by the UN. It supports the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and calls on all actors in society to promote and communicate their obligations.

See the full list of signatories Here.

The new Sports for Nature signatories described their aspirations to join the framework:

Joseph Willis Jones, President of the International Rafting Federation (IRF): „The IRF is committed to fostering a positive environmental, social and economic impact on all aspects of the activity of rafting for current and future generations. We are delighted to join the framework and work with others who have signed up to the Nature Positive Actions.”

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Florian Sperl, Executive Committee Member, International Weightlifting Federation (IWF): “At the International Weightlifting Federation, we are fully committed to signing up to the Sports Framework for Natural Building and adhering to its principles. As an indoor sport, we recognize that the degradation of nature and the climate affect us, and we recognize the urgent need for sport to protect and enhance nature. As a sport, we depend on a healthy environment for training and competition, and we are committed to working deeply on this important topic.

Ana Agostinho, Advisor to the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Cup: “The Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Cup, celebrating its 5th edition in 2024, has been working towards sustainability since its inception. The sailing event wants to do more, lead by example, and signing up to the Sports for Nature Framework is a unique opportunity to join forces with other leading organizations from around the world, United for Nature, to protect our planet.

Marisol Casado, President, World Triathlon: „By its very nature, the sport of triathlon must always be in harmony with, operate within, and respond to the environment. Our organization and our athletes are blessed to experience some of the world’s most beautiful locations for race venues, and we know very well how important it is to minimize our impact on them.

„Our responsibility and mission is to ensure that future generations can enjoy training and competition in such places. It is our duty to make the decisions that make that possible. Working with the Sports for Nature Framework and our co-signatories around the world is an essential part of that mission,” he added.

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