Some black holes may actually be tangled in the fabric of spacetime, new research suggests

Physicists have discovered a strange twist in spacetime that can mimic black holes — as long as you get up close. Called „topological solitons,” these theoretical kinks in the fabric of space-time may be lurking throughout the universe—and finding them could push our understanding of quantum physics forward, according to a new study published April 25 in the journal Science. Physical examination d (opens in new tab).

Black holes It may be the most repulsive substance ever discovered in science. Einstein’s general theory of relativity predicts their existence, and astronomers know how they form: all a massive star has to do is collapse under its own weight. With no other force available to oppose it, gravity continues to pull all of the star’s material until it is compressed into an infinitesimally small point. That singularity is an event horizon, an invisible boundary that marks the edge of a black hole. Whatever crosses the event horizon can never leave.

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