Space elevators from Star Wars can be built to facilitate space travel

You might have thought that travel to space would require a ship or a rocket, but a space elevator is a possibility that could come to life in the not-so-distant future – making space travel easier for everyone.

That's right, space elevators — machines that can carry payloads directly from Earth's surface to space — aren't as far-fetched as they sound.

You may have seen similar technology in the Star Wars movies, where humans and ships can travel directly into space without spaceships.

While those structures were pure science fiction, the idea had some truth to it.

Likewise, the world is waiting for technology to allow people to travel into space, and the inhabitants of Earth already are Signing up for space travel As tourists.

„Space elevators are often dismissed as a science fiction dream, but I believe they will be soon — perhaps in two or three decades,” wrote physics professor Stephen Cohen. A position for Scientific American.

If you're wondering what such a large system would look like, Professor Cohen describes it as „a long cable extending from the equator and attached to a distant satellite”.

„This system rotates with the Earth.”

But why do we need a space elevator?

In Star Wars, space elevators were needed because of the unstable atmospheres of different planets. However, it is not the same as Earth.

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