Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, main

A change in the design of the front of the Galaxy S24 series and all the capabilities in artificial intelligence can call them AI mobiles, now the Korean tech giant As shown in Network light Magic functions for video recording present in their new flagships.

The video shared by Samsung has two important features and the use of these magical functions depends on its usage. 200 Mpx camera And the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip. In this way, the Korean manufacturer ensures that the Galaxy S24 will continue to be the best mobile phone for recording video, which is similar to the Galaxy S23, which currently has no competition in this regard. In Spain.

That means the combination of these two components will allow them to use some of the most important functions in their new Galaxy S24 flagships; The screen owned by the Korean company will share the best technology. Two days after the world presentation of the new Qualcomm chip, the manufacturer Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. It didn’t even take him a second to ride that wave. With the release of this new video.

Magic functions for cameras

200 Mpx sensors and a called as AI monitoring Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 can be seen using its own engine for artificial intelligence in the build. It remains to be seen if the Galaxy S24 phones with the Exynos 2400 chip will also be able to use them. Countries are yet to be confirmed, in which different categories will be launched; Presumably Spain will be one of the countries using this chip.

  • Zoom in anywhere– A new feature that automatically zooms and tracks the subject in video when shooting the entire scene in a wide open shot. That means you can get two views of a 4K video, one wide-angle and one close-up.
  • This new feature can also follow the subject and Keep it in mind in real time As he moves through the scene. It can also be used Zoom in anywhere Zoom the shot in any direction while maintaining the video’s 4K resolution at all times.
  • E2E AI Remocycle: A technology that promises to reduce image processing time to improve its quality. Samsung makes it clear that this technology makes it easier to capture images, doubling their speed.
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ISOCELL Zoom Anywhere: The New Solution for 200MP | Samsung

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Tech giant, step Android Authorityclarifies that Zoom in anywhere It has 2x and 4x optical zoom and works with both Video colors and angle are the same For two shots, one short shot and one open. See all details in detail Samsung Internet.

A great and interesting proposal to preview some of the magical functions that the new Samsung flagships will have when they are launched in mid-January 2024. In this way, the Korean manufacturer Continuous focus on improving video captureOne of the best functions in the current Galaxy S23 available in the Spanish market.

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