Singing 'saved life' of King's Lynn woman critically injured in crash

  • By Paul Mosley and Laura Devlin
  • BBC News, King's Lynn

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Jordan Bone said he is very proud of his new song

A singer whose life was changed by a serious car crash as a teenager has said it was „magical” to release her first single in 19 years.

Jordan Bone, from King's Lynn, Norfolk, was left a quadriplegic in an accident when he was 15.

„It feels incredible to have a song out in the world,” he said.

In 2005, the passenger in the car that overturned in the ditch was Ms Pone.

image source, Jordan Bone

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Miss Bone's video My Beautiful Struggle has over six million views on YouTube.

„When I regained consciousness, I was lying against the roof with the seat belt around my neck,” he said.

„I thought I was going to die. I'm 15 and I have so much to do.”

„I started singing Candy Staten's You've Got the Love — maybe it was a whisper — but it brought me back to that moment. I felt like singing saved me.”

'Isolated and Excluded'

Ms Bone said she felt paralyzed at the time, but she assumed life after spinal surgery would be „OK, but in a wheelchair”.

„I didn't feel like I had all the support I needed,” she said.

„At that point I was starting to have more freedom; getting rid of it felt like starting over.

„After a few years, it hit me, I was so down, I felt so isolated and left out – especially as a young person, as if being a teenager wasn't difficult.”

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Jordan credits Jim Kakes (pictured) for helping him realize his dream

Over time, guided meditations helped her, and she began posting her own positive videos about beauty and living with a disability.

„You don't see many people with disabilities in the beauty world, and I want to be one of those people who help make those changes,” she said.

Ms. Bone has always loved singing and songwriting, and she's now teaming up with musician Jim Cakes to release the „dream pop” tune Solid Ground.

„The song is about love, hope and the twists that come with it, desire and insecurity from past situations and expecting something unhealthy that, surprisingly, can be grounded and safe,” she said.

„You start with your own ideas, and now you create something that everyone can hear, so that part of the process feels very magical, and it feels very special to me.

„I want to keep the momentum going; I'm very proud of it and I want to become a stronger songwriter.”

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