Sheryl Crow Slams Drake’s 'Taylor Made Freestyle’ For 2Pac AI Vocals

As AI’s „slippery slope” worries her future, Sheryl Crow expresses her concern about the ripple effect of artificial intelligence in the music industry.

The Grammy Award-winning singer recently spoke out BBC Regarding AI, he believes it is „against everything humanity is based on.” Crowe ripped Drake for attempting to resurrect 2Pac by using the late rapper’s AI vocals to collaborate with Snoop Dogg on Drizzy’s „Taylor Made Freestyle” diss track, which directed Kendrick Lamar.

„You can’t raise people from the dead and expect them to stand up for it,” he said. „Yeah, I shouldn’t do that, but I’ll be sorry later.’ That’s what Drake thought, but it’s already over and people will find it, it’s against the life force we all have.

advertisement board Drake’s team has been reached out for comment on Crowe’s comments.

Crow wrestles with topics like artificial intelligence and its impact Evolution The album’s title track, which came out earlier in 2024.

In April, Tupac Shakur’s estate threatened legal action if the OVO mogul didn’t remove his „Taylor Made Freestyle” from social media. The estate shared the cease and desist letter exclusively advertisement board.

„The estate is deeply disappointed and disappointed by your unauthorized use of Tupac’s voice and personality,” the estate’s attorney, Howard King, wrote in the letter. „Not only is this recording a blatant violation of Tupac’s publicity and estate’s legal rights, but it is also a flagrant abuse of the legacy of one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time. The estate would never have consented to this use.”

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King continued: „Tubuck’s voice against Kendrick Lamar, used in an equally appalling manner, adds insult to injury to a good friend of his who has publicly and privately disrespected Tupac and his legacy.”

Within 24 hours, Drake was forced to remove the track from his social media platforms.

Earlier this week, three major music companies each sued AI music startups Suno and Udio. They cited persistent infringement of copyrighted records „on an almost unimaginable scale.”

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