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The Newsroom features stories from dozens of its websites around the world that show what members and leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are doing to serve their communities. Today, we provide news from Africa, Belarus, Canada, El Salvador, Indonesia and Peru.

El Salvador: 100 Young Salvadorans Benefit From Church Scholarship Donation

One hundred young people in eastern El Salvador have the opportunity to obtain a „Certificate in Gastronomy”. Thank you for the scholarship donation From The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Sarah Elizabeth Marquez – a 24-year-old woman who lost her mother and now supports her father and two brothers – is one of the recipients. She said: „Cooking is my dream and it starts today. Our income does not allow us to pay for this kind of study. This help is valuable. With the scholarship, one day, I can work in a restaurant. Thank you.”

Canada: Thousands of socks were collected, sorted and distributed to the homeless

Church members in Canada Some local organizations helped collect and distribute socks For people experiencing homelessness.


At Ossington Church of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, youth and leaders work together to sort, count, label and bag socks for Socks 4 Souls Canada.© 2023 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

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In Toronto, the youth of the Toronto Ontario Stake met to sort socks for Socks 4 Souls Canada throughout the year. The socks were then given to local shelters.

„I love helping people keep warm feet,” said youth participant James Hall.

At the Langley Events Center in British Columbia, more than 2,500 pairs of new socks were thrown onto the basketball court at halftime of a game (a spinoff of the „teddy bear toss” common to many hockey games). Socks were donated to Lookout Housing and Health Society.

Indonesia: Nurses, midwives receive training in infant resuscitation and stabilization

More than 100 midwives and nurses met in Tomohon in central Indonesia to train in infant resuscitation and stabilization. The six-day course was made available in partnership with the Indonesian Perinatal Association or Perinasia and the Church’s Humanitarian Foundation.

Cisca Sofiana Sinaga, a midwife on the small island of Chiao, said, “I might not have been able to improve my skills if it wasn’t for this event, especially since I’m from a small island. I am very grateful because I feel that I will not be left behind with this training so that I can help the island communities to reduce the morbidity and mortality of children in our region.


Nurses and midwives are taught how to stabilize newborns during the „Helping Babies Breathe” training course held in Tomohon, Indonesia. Intellectual Reserve, Inc. By 2023 All rights reserved.

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Read more about the Curriculum for Helping Kids Breathe Indonesia newsroom.

Ethiopia: Local church members help with tree planting mission in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa is a growing city in Ethiopia. On July 15 and 22, 2023, missionaries and local church members helped plant trees despite the rain. The service has helped the city move closer to its goal of planting 25 million trees over five years.

Belarus: Local nursing home receives new equipment

A nursing home in the Voronovsky district of Belarus welcomed new equipment to its facility following a donation from „Sophia,” a humanitarian project of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, an international charity.

„Help is never superfluous, especially if it comes at the right time,” said Antonina Eymond, director of the Regional Center for Social Services.

The donation, greatly appreciated by staff and residents, includes eight new medical beds, two mobile bacterial air recirculators and a clothes dryer.

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Benin: Church builds new cafeteria and kitchen for a school

The public nursery school of Lobosungba in Benin Republic has a new cafeteria and kitchen Thanks to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


The plaque celebrates the new cafeteria built and donated by the church to the Public Nursery School of Lobosongpa, Benin.Intellectual Reserve, Inc. By 2023 All rights reserved.

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„This beautiful gem will help ensure a good, hygienic environment and excellent food service for our children,” said Carol Kninafon, principal of the Public Nursery School.

City official Germain Hounfonou added, „The church’s contribution to this school and to the children of our community leaves an indelible mark.”

Nigeria: Stake hosts free eye clinic for community members

Calabar Nigeria South Stake organized and conducted a free eye clinic on July 29, 2023.

A total of 154 people received treatment including eye examination, distribution of spectacles and eye drops and referral to Calabar Teaching Hospital.

Read more about the clinic In the Africa newsroom.

Peru: Women receive materials, tools for organic gardens

Dozens of women entrepreneurs in Peru received supplies from the church to grow organic gardens, As part of the „Entrepreneurial Women” program of the District Municipality of San Juan Bautista de Iquitos.

The donated items include 11 tonnes of organic fertilizers, 87 wheelbarrows, 87 spades, 87 rakes, 87 spades and some vegetable seeds.

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