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LA company loved and much loved by Colombians Like the various sectors of the country, Quindío promotes pedagogical strategies that combine research as a fundamental axis of innovation from the modernization of rural areas to create a direct impact on the quality of life of their communities.

Every eight days, Carolina Franco, assistant of the Techno Academia del Sena Regional Quinteo in the biological area, goes to the San Rafael Academic Institute, La Linea headquarters, located on one side of this important national highway.

There, a group of young people and children of different ages and grades work with microscopes, stereoscopes, scales and technical equipment as they study and understand the workings of mathematics, biology and chemistry. .

Juan Camilo Santos Rodriguez, a student on campus says: „The classes start in the morning and in each one they teach a different planting method. The first culture we did was bacteria, very good in proteins and minerals to strengthen the garden.”

Parents are an active part of the process and recognize the importance of the work carried out by SENA by involving minors in these types of synergies.

„Today’s kids love technology and cell phones. What SENA brings is that they are more busy and interested in rural areas, which is important because that’s our life.”, Ana Matilde Rodríguez, a mother who participated in the activities organized by Techno Academia, comments.

„The impact is not only educational, but also social, because we connect families, they learn from their own children. They are responsible for sharing knowledge so that it can be used later in their homes. This is how we contribute to food security.”says Carolina Franco, coordinator of Techno Academia Quindio.

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SENA affects various educational institutions in the sector. For example, in Armenia, Techno Academia is located in Ciudadella del Sur, where there are groups specializing in biotechnology, nanotechnology, robotics, programming and electronics.

The work carried out in the home garden, located next to the audiovisual room, is a scale scenario where students understand the importance of technology and science for the development of value propositions with a rural focus.

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