See | Violent Clash: Chinese Forces Attack Philippine Navy Ships With Axes, Knives In South China Sea

A violent clash broke out between Philippine sailors and the Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) in the South China Sea on June 17, when a Philippine naval vessel was allegedly attacked with 'bladed weapons’.

The clash occurred on Monday when Philippine forces attempted to resupply marines stranded on board the wrecked frigate BRP Sierra Madre (LS57) in Ayung’s Shoal.

The Philippine military on Wednesday released footage of Chinese sailors shouting at small boats, brandishing axes and brandishing knives and hitting an inflatable boat with sticks.

„In a brazen act of aggression, the CCG blocked the AFP’s critical humanitarian rotation and resupply operation at BRP Sierra Madre (LS57) in Ayung’s Shoal on June 17, using physical assaults, bladed weapons, blaring sirens, and indiscriminate use of lights,” Strobe said. Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The military added that despite being outnumbered and harassed by the CCG, the Filipino troops fought valiantly and defended their positions. „The AFP maintains a professional and firm commitment to uphold international law and preserve peace in the region.”

In a Facebook post shared by the Armed Forces of the Philippines, it accused the Chinese Coast Guard of acting like pirates.

“Only pirates do this. „Only pirates board, steal and destroy ships, equipment and belongings,” said Romeo Browner.

„The good thing is that we fought. The Chinese Coast Guard had bladed weapons and our soldiers fought with their bare hands. That’s what mattered. We were outnumbered and their weapons were unpredictable, but our personnel fought with everything they had,” added General Browner.

AFP reports that a Filipino sailor lost a thumb in the clash, in which the Chinese coast guard confiscated or destroyed Filipino equipment, including guns, according to the Philippine military.

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When asked about the videos on Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian said Manila’s comments on the conflict were „totally bogus allegations that confuse black and white,” AFP reported.

He blamed the Philippines for the conflict, saying they had „increased tensions” and accused them of ramming Chinese boats.

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