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Due to increase in services Security Basically Technology and services based on the work of agents supported by technology solutions, the company will grow by 15% this year compared to 2022, and This resulted in a billing of around 120 million US dollars in the country. These lines of business allow Securitas Peru Maintain positive results despite the brevity of its services Security Only on human factor (monitoring agents) basis.

„Market Security body, Security Man, it didn’t grow. There are more than 1,000 companies in this market. On the contrary, it decreases a little. Rather, the area Technology Yes, it is growing.Pelletin said during an interview with Kestion Annual Conference of Executives (CADE) 2023.

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Services a year ago Security 40% of the company’s revenue is represented with the technical component Securitas PeruThese are Now they contribute more than 50% of salesAgent-based services account for less than half of revenue.

These technical services include installation, maintenance and/or operation of access controls, video surveillance cameras, electric fences, etc.

According to Pelletin, Security services with technology are one of the most demanding sectors Retail sales, This is because commercial establishments require continuous monitoring of video surveillance cameras.

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Meanwhile, at services Security For events, adding a technical element can significantly reduce the number of people Securitas Allocate to these tasks. „For example, 50 security officers are typically required at an event SecurityIf Technology 35 required”, Admin commented.

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A few years ago, the Swedish multinational Securitas Expected to be used in the future technologies Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a major factor in healthcare services SecurityThis will lead to a decrease in human existence.

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