Robert De Niro doesn't shout down protesters in viral video of shooting show

X In a video that went viral on Wednesday, Robert De Niro can be seen yelling at a crowd while Jesse Plemons looks on from the sidelines. The video, shot by an unidentified viewer, was reposted by several pro-Israel accounts that subtitled De Niro's conversation as De Niro yelling at pro-Palestinian protesters, and Oct. 7.

But the veteran actor was actually rehearsing a new Netflix show at the location, his rep Stan Rosenfeld confirmed. „False reports of Robert De Niro shouting at a group of anti-Israel protesters have been spotted,” Rosenfeld said.

„De Niro's lines are 100% scripted,” the rep said. „A short video clip from a rehearsal scene for the Netflix series 'Zero Day' filmed on the streets of New York on April 27, where De Niro's character confronts a group (all extras).”

„Someone copied the post and made up something completely different and fake,” Rosenfeld explained.

Netflix confirmed that De Niro's speech was not related to the series' script and the protests in response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In the video, De Niro says, “This is not a movie, this is reality! They say it's dangerous and they're going to do it again! Again! You don't want that. None of us want that. Come. Let's all get serious.”

„Robert De Niro Stands With Israel!” The footage was misrepresented in several posts on social media, including the video.

In the conspiracy thriller series „Zero Day,” De Niro plays a former president of the United States who comes out of retirement to lead a commission investigating a serious cyberattack — a potential global crisis. The series also stars Plemons, Lizzie Kaplan, Joan Allen, Connie Britton, Matthew Modine and Angela Bassett.

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The six-episode series was directed and executive-produced by „Homelands'” Leslie Linga Claytor, De Niro's first television series.

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