Search operation suspended after Chinese tourist goes missing in Komodo National Park

INDONESIA: The search for Chinese tourist Yi Liu (27), who has been missing since Tuesday (October 3) at Long Pink Beach in Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara (NTD) in Lahuan Bajo, West Mangarai Regency, has yielded no results. Monday (9 October).

Officials have now officially announced Stopped searching attempts.

Supriyanto Ridwan, head of the National Search and Rescue Agency (Pasarnas) in Maumere, said the search for the Chinese tourist had been unsuccessful for the seventh day.

Therefore, the search was stopped, and Yi Liu Reported missing.

Ridwan said, „We close the search for the victim on the seventh day because it is useless.” He noted that the chances of finding the victim are very low.

However, if Yi Liu is found in the future, a new search and rescue operation will be launched.

The decision to terminate SAR proceedings on the seventh day of 2017 Act No. 29, Ridwan explained, is based on Article 34, which states that search and rescue operations must be conducted for a maximum of seven days.

Yi Liu was there one day tourist trip To Komodo National Park, travel by Qifadzah tourist boat with other foreign tourists.

On Tuesday (3 October), the Kifatsa boat anchored off Long Pink Beach in Badar Island.

The captain of the boat suggested that all tourists disembark to enjoy the beauty of Long Beach. When the other tourists returned to the boat, Yi Liu’s whereabouts were unknown.

Tour guide Adrianus Vijaya revealed that he saw Yi Liu on the beach in her swimsuit. “I asked her not to swim, but to enjoy the beach and take photos. She replied 'OK,'” Adrianus said. Realizing that Yi Liu was missing, Adrianus gathered all the tourists before returning to the boat.

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The search for Chinese tourist Yi Liu (27), who went missing from Tuesday (October 3) to Monday (October 9) at Long Pink Beach in Komodo National Park, West Mangalore Regency, NTT, has officially been called off. . (Photo: National Search and Rescue Agency documents)

„When I gathered all the tourists, Yi Liu wasn’t there. I asked fellow tourists, but they didn’t know where she had gone,” Adrianus explained.

Joint Search and Rescue Team (KSOP) Labuan consisting of National Search and Rescue Agency (Pasarnas), Indonesian Navy, Marine and Air Police Corps (Bolayroot) East Nusa Tenggara Regional Police, West Mangarai District Police, Port Authority and Office of Maritime Affairs (Pasarnas) Bajo and local residents connected the beach, sea and savannah of Badar Island in a 10 kilometer radius.

Despite extensive efforts, Yi Liu was unaccounted for Seventh day of the quest.

In a separate statement, Chief of the Department of Tourism and Creative Economy of West Mangalore Regency, Pius Bhat, urged tour operators and tour boat managers to take the safety of tourists seriously while visiting tourist destinations.

„Tour operators who bring tourists to destinations should pay attention to the activities of their guests. Guides should always know where their tourists are going,” emphasized Pius.

Yi Liu’s disappearance has raised concerns about tourism safety in the region, prompting calls for stricter security measures and closer supervision of tourists visiting Komodo National Park.

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